Tuesday, January 5

December 11, 2009

The battle against the cold unveiled a new enemy when I finally broke down and turned on my central heating. It hadn't been used in a while, which meant dust escaped with the heat. I don't mind dust, but my smoke alarm apparently hates it. The beeping was LOUD. Opening the doors and windows wasn't an option, so I took out the battery. The next morning, figuring the dust had settled, I tried to put it back in. More loud beeping. I went to work. I tried again when I came back. Half-hearted beeping. Some beeps were long. Some were short. There was no rhythm or pattern. The reason was clear -- the smoke alarm was possessed. Then I received an email from my mother. The smoke alarm in my room in Maui had also been going off. Conspiracy! Both situations were eventually handled, but the coincidence was pretty amazing. And amusing.

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