Friday, December 31

My Favorite 10 Photos of 2010

I didn't do a photo-a-day project in 2010. In fact, I was so burnt out from the 2009 version that I didn't really start taking photos again until my friends Jon and Wing got married in early April. It set the tone for most of my photo taking throughout the year in that it was largely defined by special events and travel. After last year, it felt wrong not to honor the year in photos in some way, so I decided to comb through the photos I did take and select my 10 favorites.

01. The Happy Couple

Jon & Wing's Wedding • Pulgas Water Temple, CA • April 4, 2010

02. Early on the Embarcadero

San Francisco, CA • April 19, 2010

03. Urban Zipliner

San Francisco, CA • April 19, 2010

04. Wine Glass / Silhouette

Sonia & Albie's Wedding • Mendocino, CA • August 1, 2010

05. Sunset Playtime

Reno, NV • August 8, 2010

06. Surfing Alone

Inch, Ireland • October 1, 2010

07. Cliffs of Moher

County Clare, Ireland • October 2, 2010

08. Giant's Causeway

County Antrim, Northern Ireland • October 5, 2010

09. Looking Back

County Antrim, Northern Ireland • October 5, 2010

10. Inside Haleakala

Haleakala Crater, Maui, HI • December 28, 2010


  1. nice, especially sunset playtime, great lighting and a great moment. and the path is used effectively in "looking back"

    yeah, was burnt out on photos for a few years too. india got me excited again, plus the iphone4 camera!

  2. Great compositions here Mere. You've got a great eye.