Tuesday, August 4

July 11, 2009

Due to a late start, I didn't arrive at the Ferry Building Farmers' Market until a little after 11 am, not exactly ideal photography time. I thought the light would be bad and the colors washed out. I also expected the standard subjects: fruit, vegetables, maybe a cute kid or dog. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find not one but two quartets filled with all sorts of unusual instruments including an accordion and a lute. Both were playing with the Bay Bridge as their backdrop and were facing in just the right direction to get nice light and vibrant colors. I didn't even take a produce photo. Not one. You can see for yourself here.

When it came time to choose a favorite, a couple stood out, but I found myself coming back to this one. The expressions on their faces are just so ... for the lack of a better word ... interesting. The foreground violinist looks simultaneously intent and mysterious. It's a nice juxtaposition with the clarinetist who is distractedly and suspiciously looking right at the camera.

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