Wednesday, August 5

July 12, 2009

Since I'm working as acting lighting supervisor on the MvA Halloween television special, the Powers That Be (aka the producers) approved my request to travel to the Glendale studio to observe the color correction process applied once a sequence is out of lighting and to actually meet the people I've been seeing on monitors and hearing on the phone for the past few months. I flew down a day early and spent the bulk of the day at Cafe Audrey off Hollywood Boulevard before meeting up with some friends for dinner. Audrey Hepburn memorabilia was everywhere, including on the napkin dispenser. I'm really happy I included the tile in the foreground.

My other favorite photo from the day is of a parking meter outside the cafe. I thought it was really funny that "FAIL" was blinking on its display. No one from LA agreed. I guess it's one of those SoCal/NorCal differences. You can see it here.

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  1. I like FAIL! I also love how your style is so versatile. Sometimes with photographers you can "see" it's their work because they always frame pictures in a particular, with a particular feel etc. But you always have a new way of looking at things. Keep it up!!