Monday, April 27

April 9, 2009

This was quite possibly the most elaborate work party I've attended. After years and years in Northern California, Guillaume Aretos, a production designer at PDI, was moving to the LA studio to start work on his next project. To send him off, the entire department dressed as him, doffing wigs of his trademark spikey, messy hair and wearing shirts emblazoned with WWGD -- What Would Guillaume Do? His good bye card was 3-dimensional (naturally), and everyone could take a picture next to Guillaume's portrait, which was painted as a standee. Above it all presided these very colorful balloons and disco ball. I chose to keep the ball in focus to convey the vast number of balloons on the ceiling, violating the rule to keep the foreground element in focus. In my opinion, the ribbon doesn't detract too much, but I wish I'd taken the shot from a ribbon-free angle or with a bigger f/stop as a comparison.

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