Sunday, April 5

March 20, 2009

The happenstance nature of my recent photos of the day was starting to frustrate me, so inspired by a friend's Facebook photo album, I decided to go to the Redwood City Marina after work to try my own hand at taking photographs there. I really started to get into it after about five minutes, and I was especially happy with the last photo I took. I was sure it would be the one posted here. Upon review, it turned out to be only my third favorite. It just goes to show that you never know until you see them big ...

Second favorite:
Third favorite:

1 comment:

  1. nice stuff mer!
    I like all three =)

    Also, a big fan of the cherry blossoms below (I agree-the blurred lights and depth of field are really nice), and the green balloons.

    Keep it up!