Tuesday, March 17

March 15, 2009

When Mel came back from San Francisco armed with macaroons, they were so colorful and tasty-looking that I took them to the backyard so I could harness the sunlight for a photo shoot. I played a lot with composition, trying to find the best way to represent the macaroons while limited to a 50mm lens and a see-through, busily-patterned table. Initial experiments revealed that the macroons' allure was heightened by seeing as many of them in frame as possible, and positioning them diagonally proved the best way to do that. The table pattern served to offset them nicely. I only wish I'd been able to line up the angle of the macaroons with the angle of the diamonds. Whenever I tried, the table's legs would peek through, and I decided I'd rather have a clean background than matching parallels. And again, f/8 was my friend.

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