Monday, May 11

April 21, 2009

In a moment of compassion for our furry dog on a hot day, my roommate decided to leave the screen door open so he could wander in and out of the cool interior of our house at his leisure. Good for the dog, bad for me. The open door also allowed this giant moth into the house, and it decided to take up residence in my room. MY room! When it flew in and started buzzing around my overhead light, I thought it was a hummingbird until reason told me hummingbirds don't actually fly around at 8:00 at night.

This photo was taken the next morning when I woke up to find the moth perched on my blinds. I had to use the flash to get a clear image, and had I been fully awake, I'm not sure I would have taken the chance that the bright light would cause the giant moth to start flying around again. Thankfully it didn't.

The moth was humanely returned to the outdoors later that evening ... if you consider hearing a lot of shrieking, being shoved into a plastic container, and being unceremoniously flung out the front door humane.

(In case you're wondering about scale, each blind fold is about an inch wide.)

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