Sunday, May 17

April 29, 2009

I liked the mixture of geometric shapes created between the orange and white tape on these safety poles. Their aesthetic was strongest when you could see more than one pole at a time, so I spent some time playing with different framings and levels of background blur. This was the most successful one, but I wish the middle pole were a little more in focus than the car. Right now it looks too much like they're on the same plane.

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  1. One of the tougher things is that even with a good on-camera LCD screen, things look very different because of the size. Some things look great on the screen, not so good on the big(ger) screen; others look normal/boring on the camera, but great when enlarged. This seems to especially matter when you are experimenting with the right degree of bokeh.

    Do you get to steal Mel's clearly awesome arsenal of lenses for experimenting as well? =)