Sunday, May 17

April 30, 2009

My Thursday night plans were going to be a San Francisco first for me. A bunch of food carts have started operating around the city, broadcasting their locations to their loyal followers via the magic of Twitter. I was already planning to eat in the Mission, so when my roommate told me that an amuse bouche cart, the "Magic Curry Kart" and a creme brulee cart were going to converge at 19th and Linda Streets, I knew that would be dinner. My friend and I found the carts, started chatting, and by the time we realized we were supposed to put our names on a list to get the delicious-smelling food, we didn't have time to wait for it. Bummer. Dinner became crepes, salad, and fries at Frjtz instead. Not a bad second place, but the Magic Curry Kart still beckons ...

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