Wednesday, February 18

February 16, 2009

Now I'm going to go back on everything I wrote in the previous post. Today's decision came down to this photo and one the mural of Marilyn Monroe on the corner of Calvert Street and Connecticut Avenue that welcomes you toWoodley Park. It's a part of DC not often seen by tourists, but since I lived in that neighborhood for two years, it's something I've come to associate with the city.

Maybe it's because I went with a DC-specific photo for February 15, but this time I went with the photo that I liked better but could have been taken anywhere. I love sunsets, and this one had it all -- oranges and golds, God-rays (a matte painter's dream!), dark clouds of varying hues and textures, and silhouetted shapes. The linchpin, though, was the plane that can be seen near the upper right corner. It connected the photo to my hope that my travels are filled with beautiful and unexpected sights.

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