Monday, February 23

February 22, 2009

Don't be fooled by this photo. It's Carneval in Ecuador, and I spent the day and night in Ambato, Ecuador's fourth or fifth largest town with one of the biggest Carneval celebrations in the country. The festivities there were not this serene. It was more of a chaotic battle ground with roving bands of people armed with spray foam wandering through crowded streets of revelers listening to live music performed on multiple stages. There are different colors and scents of foam, and it shoots out of a can much like shaving cream does. Apparently being a tourist makes you more of a target, which would explain why I was foamed many, many, many times. I should be happy, though, that Ambato has outlawed the flour, water, and dyed oil that are used in other Ecuadorian cities and towns.

All photos from my time in Ambato can be seen here:

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