Monday, January 12

January 10, 2009

I wasn't really in a photography mood, so I broke down and took the easy way out -- using our labradoodle, Murray, as my subject. The weather was nice, and he'd been pent up inside for most of the day, so I took him to the dog park around sunset.

Murray usually shows two sides of himself at the dog park. Some days he is very friendly and energetic, running around with the other dogs and winding himself around their owners in pursuit of pets and "whose a good dog" praise. Other days he's shy and prefers to play fetch and roll around in the grass by himself.

I like this photo because it looks like he's trying to decide which mood he's in. Should he approach the distant people? Or pick up the ball to his right and do his own thing? Looked at another way, he seems to be on the outside looking in, wanting to join the group, but not quite knowing how to insert himself.

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