Tuesday, January 13

January 12, 2009

I stayed late at work, taking advantage of my working computer there to check email and edit some business school essays for a friend of mine. I hadn't taken any photos that day, and I was worried I wouldn't find anything interesting.

Then I walked outside. I noticed three things:

1. It was cold, but not overwhelmingly cold.
2. There was a VW Bug parked in the parking lot.
3. The moon was close to full.

It was the perfect time to practice night photography! I used my car as a tripod and a shirt to stabilize the camera and started clicking away. When I saw headlights approaching, I new it was my chance. It hit the shutter at exactly the right time so it it would look like the interior of the bug was illuminated from within. Very cool.

P.S. The photo looks much better when viewed either fullscreen or against a dark background.