Monday, January 12

January 11, 2009

My computer stopped working on Friday. It still wouldn't start on Saturday, so on Sunday I gave in and took it to the Apple store at the Stanford Shopping Centre, hoping they could perform some magic. They couldn't. The hard drive was dead, and I'd be lucky to retrieve anything on it. That's why I'm behind on my posts. No computer equals no blogging. Please be patient with my sporadic posting until I replace it!

The Stanford Shopping Centre is a beautiful outdoor mall, filled with children, flowers, and dogs. I brought along my new camera, hoping to get a feeling for how to focus with its very sensitive lens. I also wanted to see the effects of my warming and polarizing filters. I spent twenty minutes with poppies. Some were in full bloom. Some were just emerging. All of them were bursting with color and looked fantastic against the blue sky. Happy with my results, I headed to Starbucks to reward myself. Then I saw this man and his labradors. I thought, "This is the strangest definition of lap dog that I've ever seen!" and asked to take his photo. So much for the poppies!

When it came time to post, I was torn between this photo and one of a poppy about to bloom. The prickly green outside cut by a small swath of orange reminded me of an alien licking its lips. If you're curious, you can see it here:


  1. ooh, black and white is always classy. something about it though looks a bit too dark to me. not enough contrast perhaps? also, i'd consider cropping it like this.
    but a nice moment captured.

    sorry about your computer. that sucks! all the files i work on now on my laptop are in this file that backs up to my work computer.

  2. I like your cropped version. It really puts the emphasis on the dogs in the lap. I wish I'd been able to get a shot where you can see all of the owner's face. Oh well.