Monday, January 5

January 3, 2009

While looking for something to do on Saturday night, the five of us wander into Melt on Emerson Street. What is inside is shocking -- a bar and lounge on the ground floor and a bar, DJ, and dance floor upstairs. It's crowded, but not overwhelming. The music is fun, and people are dancing. We exchange amazed looks. There is nightlife in Palo Alto!

Later on that night, my camera comes out and a nice person offers to take a photo of the group. For some reason I think it would be funny to put my glass on Vickie's head. Of course, I don't tell her this, and she tosses her head at the unexpected pressure right when the flash goes off. Which bring us to the day's photo. I love the still-sloshing liquid in my glass, the surprised look on Vickie's face and the streak of spilled lemon drop on her sweater, Alice playing peek-a-boo between Jackie and me, and the random intrusion of a hand anxious to help.

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