Thursday, January 22

January 21, 2009

Big day! Lost was finally back on TV, and we would finally find out what happened to the island when it disappeared in a flash of white light way back in May. May! I'm not going to lie -- there was a lot of anticipation and a little bit of impatience built up. In keeping with last year's tradition, I suggested we go to Hahn's Hibachi for a pre-Lost meal. Once there, we proceeded to order what we always order: the dulcet bibimbap in all its sizzling goodness. Besides the return of Lost (finally!), we had other reasons to celebrate -- two Harvard Business School acceptances! It occurred to me only later that we had gone to Hahn's to celebrate the awarding of interviews for said business school. This begs the question: is Hahn's really a place to celebrate, or do we need to expand our restaurant repertoire? Either way, the dulcet bibimbap is always delcious.

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